The primary purpose of APYAC is to encourage recreational fishing within the Victorian Fisheries Rules ( and in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

APYAC is a platform for like-minded people with a passion for fishing to exchange ideas, information, socialise and participate in the APYAC fishing competitions. The club promotes a competitive spirit within a framework of friendship and cooperation amongst members, where older more experienced members can have the opportunity to impart their knowledge to younger/newer less experienced members.

As an equal opportunity club, new potential members, children and women are encouraged to participate in all APYAC fishing competitions and specific competitions such as the ladies and mixed fishing charters as well as the newly introduced Albert Park family and friends fishing day which was a great success in its inaugural season.

General Information

Boat hire is available through the club from the boat house after members complete the boat handling course. Please contact boat house subcommittee for further details.

A real-time leader board is available to members for viewing online via the APYAC website or at the club.

Bait is available at the club where a member pays for via an honesty box situated above the chest freezer in the boat house. Various baits are available such as pilchards, squid, mussels and other seasonal baits when available.

Weather and webcam is also available to members via the APYAC website.

Fishing Competitions

Boat Hire

Weather & Webcam


Boat licence testing is available on at Albert Park Lake and on-line:

Recreational Fishing licence can be purchased on the Victorian Fisheries website, either:


Contact Boat House committee regarding boat handling course information and bookings. There are many useful YouTube links that cover many aspects of fishing. See below:

The monthly general meetings are also a great way to learn about fishing either from our guest speakers and/or interaction from other members present.

How do I become a member?

Go to APYAC website and fill out an online application form.

Can I hire a boat?

Yes go to APYAC website and fill out the Hiring Form.

If I hire a boat can I invite guests?

Yes, APYAC boat for hire are registered to take a maximum of 4 people.

Can I bring a guest to fish at specific competitions?

Yes you can, provided they register and pay any required fees but they can’t win any prizes.